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Trading Triple Leveraged Natural Gas ETF 3x Double Market Exposure with a Natural Gas ETF 2x Leveraged ETFs: Double Oil Stock ETF for Trading Oil
3x natural gas etf

Trading Triple Leveraged Natural Gas ETF 3x

The volatility in natural gas prices is a fertile ground for traders as profit opportunities abound. While natural gas is believed by many to be the energy source of the future in the US, short term supply and demand fundamentals remain highly cyclical. Remember that until export facilities come into play, this commodity remains landlocked [...]

2x natural gas etf

Double Market Exposure with a Natural Gas ETF 2x

While many believe in the long term future of natural gas as an energy source, it will remain a volatile commodity in the short run until export facilities come online starting in 2015. Natural gas demand has been highly cyclical depending on the weather, economic growth and power consumption. Supplies on the other hand have [...]

Leveraged ETFs: Double Oil Stock ETF for Trading Oil & Gas Stocks

Proshares provides 2 leveraged Oil & Gas Stock ETFs giving you a 2x long and short exposure to the Dow Jones Oil & Gas Index. The index is about 75% weighted to Oil and Gas Producers and 25% weighted to oil equipment, Services and Distribution.  Both funds were introduced in January of 2007; they are [...]

unaoil north rumaila

Possible Indicators Guiding Today’s Oil and Gas ETF Investors

Apart from consumption, a high 40% employment rate may be painting a positive picture for Oil and Gas ETFs. All developed economies and the majority of emerging economies depend on oil to drive their growth. The majority of oil is used as a fuel for the power generation and transportation industries. It is also used [...]

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mlpa energy holdings

A Small Cap Energy MLP ETF For Yield Hunters

New drilling and completion technologies such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing (“Fracking”) unlocked billions of barrel on oil and gas. This resulted in increasing drilling activity that has set the USA on the track of becoming the world’s largest oil producer by 2017 and a net exporter of natural gas by 2020 according to [...]

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alberta oil sands

The Best Oil ETF to Profit from Canada’s Oil Boom

Canada’s oil sands is the third-largest deposit of oil on earth with more than 170 billion barrels of recoverable oil and potential resources of up to 1.8 trillion barrels. The reserves are concentrated in the province of Alberta in 3 major deposits: Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River with the Athabasca region holding over 80 [...]

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natural gas stocks etf

Investing in Natural Gas Stocks ETF

There are mainly 2 ways to invest in natural gas, either through futures contracts or through the stock of producers and explorers. Unfortunately, you just can’t buy the physical commodity and hold it in your backyard; storage might be slightly problematic because of the logistics and the costs involved. The recent proliferation of ETFs have made it [...]

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Contango Backwardation

How to Profit from Contango in Natural Gas Futures Markets

ETFs are designed to track the changes in the price of benchmark natural gas futures contract in percentage terms not in dollar terms meaning if the spot price rises 5% you expect the ETF to rise 5% as well. However, by investing in month to month futures contracts, these ETFs suffer from the inherent risk of [...]

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natural gas etf

Natural Gas ETF List and Comparison

The shale revolution in North America unlocked vast hydrocarbon reserves restoring oil and gas production back on the track of growth. Shale gas which accounts for 23% of natural gas production is expected to double or triple over the next 25 years up to make up nearly half of U.S. production by 2035. The US Energy Information [...]

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Gasoline ETF Tracks Gas Prices at The Pump

You don’t have to be an investor in oil in order to notice if it’s been going up or down.  Car owners regularly experience the impact of oil price volatility at the pump. Not surprising since gasoline is derived from processing crude oil; gas is used as a fuel to power the internal combustion engine [...]

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Short Oil ETF List for Crude Oil and Oil & Gas Stocks

Crude Oil is a global commodity that enjoys a fair amount of price volatility triggered by the fundamentals of supply and demand, by geopolitical events in major producing regions of the world or simply by economic hiccups such as the banking crisis of 2008 where oil prices plummeted from $145 a barrel to about $36 [...]

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world oil production

Global Energy ETF for Exposure to International Oil and Gas Stocks

Investors often seek to geographically diversify their energy investments and this makes sense in light of the current commodity prices. Brent oil is fetching a premium to WTI and natural gas is easily trading at a double per mcf all over the world compared to North America. Luckily, there are a host of global energy [...]

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oil ETF

Oil ETF List and Comparison

USO was the first Oil ETF to offer investors exposure to crude oil when it was introduced on April 10 in 2006. Other issuers followed suit with their own oil ETFs as USO proved a popular alternative to trading oil futures. Obviously, not all oil ETF products are created equal; we will take a look [...]

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Learning How to Invest in Oil to Maximize Profits and Minimize Risks

According to the International Energy Agency, world demand will be growing for all energy sources. In 2035, the share of fossil fuels will still account for 75% of world energy consumption. Oil demand is expected to increase by 15% driven by the emerging BRIC countries. Let’s face it, the era for cheap oil is behind [...]

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Investing in Renewable Energy

Investing in renewable energy projects is good for protecting the environment and better for revenue generating opportunities. Climate change is an issue that affects us all, and things need doing about it, and the investment required can only be drawn if there is a feasible return out there for those who do invest. In a [...]

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mlp etf

The Best MLP ETF for Midstream Exposure

The U.S energy industry is expanding quickly, domestic production is booming thanks to unlocking unconventional reserves.  Combined US crude production from the Bakken and Eagle Ford plays currently exceeds 1.6 million barrels per day – 31% of total US cride production. That’s up from just 400,000 b/d in 2010. Crude volumes are expected to cross [...]

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